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    Using without internet access


      I am looking to buy a slingbox probably solely for home use - ie to watch TV on my laptop anywhere in the house.


      However my internet access is normally very slow so I would want the slingbox to use only the home network to send the signal to the laptop & not send it via the weak internet connection.


      I've researched this point through the forums & it seems quite unclear. In some parts it seems usuing the network only is the default position but others suggest a now unsupported software is needed.


      Any thoughts ?

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          kewld Newbie

          Hey Malcopops,


          Not sure if you got a response you are looking for, but here are my thoughts.


          If you setup your Slingbox and PC/Laptop in the same network, you don't need Internet access to be able to stream content from Slingbox to PC/Laptop. When I say same network, both Slingbox and Laptop have to be connected to the same "router" or "gateway".


          Also, when I say you don't need Internet access, there's a catch. For you to even be able to start watching content from your Slingbox on the Laptop's browser, you will first need to login to the "watch.slingbox.com" website. This itself requires Internet access. That's about it. Rest everything is done through your local network.


          Don't know if the above explanation made any sense, let me know if you have any questions. I can try to help you.