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    Set up from another country


      I had set up my slingbox in Arizona because I was moving to Spain. It was working pretty well until this weekend when my brother in law changed out the router to a high performance router. Now I do not have access. Does it require to go through set up again? If so, can I do that from long distance or does it require to be in the vicinity?

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          callanish Apprentice

          You've got to be on your local network to setup your slingbox with a new router and it can't be done from your remote location. My only suggestion is to do what I did before I setup a remote computer to access my slingbox at my home when I'm gone, and that is to get your brother in law to temporarily install the free logmein software onto his computer and either plug his  pc / mac into an Ethernet port at your slingbox location or access it through his wi-fi connection allowing you to take over his computer from Spain and re-setup the slingbox and router with your browser using nothing more than a plugin. Sounds complicated, but it isn't. If he's tech savvy enough, you could just talk him through the steps.