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    Unable to watch Slingbox in full screen mode

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      I have two issues;


      1) I cant get to watch my Slingbox in web browser mode, whenever I attenpt to watch in browser mode, I get the following error message;

      "Sorry, we do not support setup on browser anymore. Please click below link to download 'SlingPlayerDesktop' application to configure/re-configure your Slingbox. http://www.slingbox.com/Products/SlingplayerApps"

      2) I downloaded and use the Slingplayer Desktop program to view my Slingbox, it works fine but I have the following challenges;

      - Each time I start the App, I have to select my type of Satellite box and search to display the correct remote control.

      - Even when the remote control is displayed and functional, I still have to click next and it disappear again, & I have to go through the entire process to get it to show up again.

      - The display remains very small on the left box in the App screen, I've tried all i could but I can't get the image to full screen mode.


      Please can someone assist to show me the way I can resolve the above? particularly the issue of me being able to display the image on full screen mode?