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    Android Slingplayer for phones doesn't show tivo controls


      I have two slingboxes hooked up to separate Tivos, one a Tivo HD and the other a Tivo Premium XL.


      Using the Android Slingplayer (for phones) on my GN on JB, and also on my N7 on JB, when accessing the Premium XL Tivo, it gives me a "generic" dvr interface that doesn't include the Tivo button... making it impossible to access any of the other functions of the device.  I can watch live tv and switch channels and access the guide, but not pre-recorded programs, for example.


      Accessing the other slingbox, it brings up a tivo specific skin that includes all of the functionality I need.  Its probable that I didn't update the other slingbox from when I upgraded from a Tivo2 to the TivoHD, but I recently upgraded a Tivo3 to the PXL, and I did update the setup.  Previously, I had the right controls when talking to this slingbox when it was a Series3.  I tried changing the setup of the slingbox on the PXL to say it was a Series3, but that didn't change the controls on the Android player.


      Any ideas?