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    Admin- How do I turn off the admin login?


      The admin login in keeps poping up and I want to delete it- How?

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          barbaraharwood Newbie

          Hi ivyleibowitz,


          Thank you for contacting Slingbox Forum. I am sorry you are getting the admin login repeatedly.


          There are a few things you can do:


          • You may try to reset the Slingbox by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds and then try to redo the set up process on the home computer. Thus  you will reset the password.
          • Possibly, if you have McAfee Security on your computer, that may be causing it.  You may need to remove it.
          • Please try to clear the cache and cookies from your computer.
          • If the admin password is on a mobile device then uninstall and reinstall the App on that device.


          Hope this helps with your issue!


          Have  a great day!

          Sling Moderation Team