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    Slingbox Solo lost HD channel viewing ability


      I have had my "SOLO" for a bit over a year.   I have always been able to watch both SD & HD channels on my laptop, iPhone 4s and iPad 2.


      My unit is connected to a Directtv HD22-100.   Suddenly I get a message that my tv does not support  this format and to change out my HDMI cable to a component cable.  My unit has been connected via composit cables since day 1.   I have searched to forum and have tried the recommended solutions including holding down the exit button at home to set the receiver to SD.   The receiver is also in 480p resolution.


      An interesting note.   If the error message is up and I turn on the connected tv (HDMI connected) my picture returns to my remote device.  Turn off the tv and the message returns.


      I am assuming (dangerous I know) that since this worked originally this is as a result of a software upgrade.  If so is it possible to revert to a previous software revision?  


      Is this issue also present in the HD version of Slingbox.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.