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    Boxee Box or WD TV Live?


      I already have a Roku, so now I need to either buy a Boxee or WD TV to watch a SlingPlayer remotely on another TV away from home. Does either one work better with the Sling App? I don't need the other channels and features, strictly buying for the Sling App. I know the Boxee is about $80 more but if it's performance and general use is superior over the WD TV in the Sling department I'll pay it, but if they have identical performance than I might as well buy the WD TV? I'm getting ready to purchase a SlingPlayer Pro HD and one of these devices. Please advise?


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          Not sure if you've already purchased, but I honestly would not get a Boxee.  The client appears to be rather bare bones (I cannot get it to stream in UDP or at 1920x540).  I ended up just using a dedicated laptop I had as client.


          I'm streaming from LA to Seattle when I visit family there, and can get a good 4Mbit, UDP connection using the PC client.  On the Boxee Box, the best I can do is a really crappy TCP connection (due to latency), or use Relay which has higher average bandwidth, but is nevertheless really inconsistent.  Also, as I said, no matter what, I could never get a 1920x540 stream with the Boxee Box.  So, the thing was a waste of money.


          With a PC running the web-based client and connected to the TV via HDMI, I get a very nice, usable 4 Mbit, 1920x540 stream.  In theory, I should be able to do better.  I have 15+ Mbit connections at both ends and it is running via UDP.  But 4 Mbit is the best I've seen this way. Still, it is acceptable image quality.


          In sum, the Boxee Box seemed like a great device to use a sling catcher.  Unfortunately, it just sucks.  I'd save your money.