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    Slingbox can't anymore reach server.




      My slingbox trying to connect, but the server is dead.


      You can see on my router the led flashing trying to connect.


      After 10 sec, the led turn off. The slingbox rebegin to reach the server.


      I reset the router default. No changes. I by pass router ( even if  i know that isn't suppose to work.


      Didn't change anything.


      1. I see one server dead

      2. My slingbox get flash and I need to setup again. ;(

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello etiennemh,


          I do apologize for any inconvenience that you're experiencing while trying to connect to your Slingbox. Are the power and network lights solidly lit? I would try power cycling your Slingbox and router, also make sure that the Slingbox is hardwired to the router to rule out any other connectivity issue(s).


          Here are a few articles regarding the issue you are describing:



          Hope these help!


          Kind Regards,

               The Sling Moderation Team

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              ok! Update on that! When I came back from my Euro trip. I discover my power supply 5V was dead. I just bought from an electronic store a new power supply same current and polarity. Boom! It work...


              I'm electronic technician. I know thoses power supply switching 100V to 5V dc can died after couple year. But when I away and I need my slingbox. That's kind frustrating. But it's ok... I have bought slingbox pro now to add and discover it before there's no more with tuner.


              And now, I will discover this week-end the 350.. Still hoping to talk with slingmedia people. There's so much to do. I discover application on boxxee box and neotv.. I hope they will modified soon to add guide zap2it and speed up the change channel. a little bit slow...


              Thanks to answer me!