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    Sad )-: What A Company )-:

    smudgeyjoe Newbie

      In the worst way, I want my Slingbox to work, and to respect the company, but this is just not the way to do business, and I know, you probably don't care. 10 years ago, I dreamed of being able to watch mobile television. Finally, Slingbox seemed to offer that. I was excited. It worked well, at least as well as the connection speed for wherever I was. Then, I changed from Comcast to Century Link, and it stopped working. In 99%!of the cases where I have this kind of a problem, I can call support and usually find this kind of question readily answerable.  Not at Slingbox. I tried the standard fixes available on your web site. I posted a question in the forum. No one replied. You even make it almost impossible to find a support number, ignoring the fact that to make what for what other companies would consider a courtesy call, I have to pay 30$. So here I sit, little red eyes staring at me blankly. Sad!!!

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          beckifields Novice

          Hello smudgeyjoe,


          Thanks for reaching out to the land of the Forums.  We do apologize that you are having issues with watching your Slingbox.  Based on what I read, it seems that you have switched from one Internet company to another, correct?  If that is the case, then you actually need to go in to the Slingbox and actually reconfigure it just like you did when you got the device a few years ago.  Down below, we have provided a great article that will show you on how to go about this, and hopefully get you back up and running.


          How to reset your Slingbox to factory settings


          Once you have reset the device, you will need to go back in to the settings and actually set everything back up.  Step 6, which is the last step is actually when the Slingbox program reaches out to your router and sets it up for Port Forwarding. This is what allows your Slingbox to be seen every where around the World.  If you have issues with this last step, then please check out this video below;


          What's port forwarding/port mapping?


          Hope this information helps!


          The Slingbox Moderation Team

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              smudgeyjoe Newbie

              Thank you!!! I really do appreciate this and will try it out tomorrow. I have an adult son in a mental hospital, now for the last year )-: Slingbox was a way I could share things with him. Not being able to use it was a sad thing for both of us. Again, I appreciate the response. Hope it works (-:

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              Thank you for saying this. I feel exactly the same way. This company offers some of the worst support I have ever seen. I have been trying relentlessly for weeks to get my box working with zero proper support. And there is absolutely no way I am paying for it. This company should be ashamed. I would really like the contact information of someone who will listen to me.

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                I have had a Slingbox SOLO for years. It has worked perfectly until this week when Slingbox updated firmware on my box without my knowledge. When I went to watch TV Remotely I was greeted with the message that my box was not configured. I called Slingbox tech support and was told that my box was out of warranty and they couldn't help unless I paid the $29.95. I ask you, is this a scheme to increase support revenue? A company downloads software that disables their product and then charges you to fix it.

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                    Tyler.Sling Novice

                    Hello myrbchman,


                    Thank you for posting in the answers forum! I'm sorry to hear you are unable to connect to your Slingbox and it is now unconfigured after a firmware update. What you will need to do is go to setup.slingbox.com and run through the setup assistant on a computer that is connected to the same network as the Slingbox. After the setup is complete, you should be able connect to your Slingbox again without any issues.


                    Hope this helps!


                    Best regards,

                    The Sling Moderation Team

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                      It really is very sad. I have the same problem. My set up will not accept canada on set up,

                      defaults to USA.  THEY WANT $30 TO TALK TO ME.  SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING BELL WOULD DO