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    Can't Change Channels on Comcast Box (RNG110)


      We've had a legacy slingbox (SB200-100) since 2007 and it has always worked fine.  That is, until we had our Comcast box replaced with a RNG100 HD Cable Box.  Now I can still view slingbox over the viewer or the web, but I can't change any channels or use the remote when viewing remotely.  It's quite an inconvenience having to change the channel on the main TV in order to watch a particular channel on the SB.


      Does anybody have any suggestions?  Or do I need to replace either the slingbox or cable box.


      Incidentally, the new cable box is HD, while the earlier one wasn't.  Normally I'd suspect that may be the problem, except that the picture comes through just fine through the SB... it's only the remote control functionality.


      Thanks to anybody who can help.