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    Fast internet speed but slow slingbox speed


      I have slingbox pro-hd.  My Internet speed is  100.0 Mbps (living in Korea and I got one of the fastest services they offer).  Sometimes, the download streaming speed goes over 2000kbps.  However, most times, the streaming speed is around 200kbps.  I checked this with my work computer and it always is over 2000kbps.  So, I think this should be some network setting problem rather than the slingbox problem.  Is there anyone who has similar problems and/or solution to them?  Thanks.

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          One thing you have to understand is that your SlingBox depends on the Upload speed of the originating location.  I live in Japan and have a fiber optic line running at 200Mbps down, but my SlingBox HD is in the US, where the max upload speed is 2Mbps (promised by Comcast, but not at all their real number).  I get about 500kbps on a good day from the states...


          Go to SpeedTest.net and select a server near where your slingbox is.  You'll see what your max theoretical speeds are.