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    Setting up from remote location


      Does the computer we will use to access our sling box have to be connected to the slingbox network for Watch to funtion properly?  We currently live in Colombia and the slingbox is being delivered to a relative's house in the US.  Can he set up the slingbox there in the US, while we download the Watch app here in Bogota and everything still function properly?


      Thanks - Jeremy

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          shaysfn Novice

          Hey jeremyynostrosa,


          Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  The computer that you are going to watch the Slingbox on does not have to be the computer that you set the Slingbox up with.  You will need a computer to be at the Slingbox location and on the same network as the Slingbox.


          After the Slingbox is all connected, the person at the Slingbox location will have to go to setup.slingbox.com and configure the Slingbox to work

          with the router and the a/v device.


          You don't actually need to download an app to your computer to watch your Slingbox.  All you have to do is go to Watch.Slingbox.com and log into your account and you can watch it anywhere in the world that you can get an internet connection.


          Contact Sling Media explains how to get in touch with our customer support anywhere in the world.  Since your Slingbox will be here in the US, simply call 877-GoSling (877-467-5464) for your relative who is in the US.  You, in Columbia would call us at (905)305-6526.


          Hope this helps.




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              This is a great point that should be HIGHLY advertised on your website.  I live with a large community of expats from the US and they would love to know this.  I'll be sure to spread the word!  Thanks for the quick response!



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                  chakkarinen Apprentice

                  Just be certain that your relative's internet service where the Slingbox will be physically located has sufficient UPLOAD speed to deliver the audio and video signal to you in Bogota without stuttering or stalling of the image.   For standard definition TV, this will need to be -- at a minimum -- one megabit per second of UPLOAD speed.   And if you plan to watch your videos in HD, then the UPLOAD speed will need to be at least four times higher.


                  Your relatives can check the upload speed of their internet service by using a computer in their home network to visit a speed-testing website such as www.bandwidthplace.com and running the test that they will find there.