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    power up issue


      my prod-hd slingbox, after i plug in, lights up, both power and network lights.  about 60 sec. later, both fade to black.  i have a couple other devices in same powerstrip, my tv, etc., all work fine.  i switched outlet for slingbox both on powerstrip and outside of powerstrip, same action.  this has been working fine for 4 months.  nothing moved or changed with device.


      any ideas?



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          I am having the same problem.  It worked great for couple of months.  Now it won't stay on.

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            shaysfn Novice

            Hey chimcentral,


            Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understand that you cannot get your Slingbox to get solid network or power lights.


            I would recommend that you Contact Sling Media Support.  Here in the US you would just call 877-GoSling (877-467-5464) and one

            of our awesome agents will be more than happy to help you.


            Hope this helps.




            Sling Moderation Team

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                I have this same problem. After three months of great continuous use.  My Slingbox PRO-HD just stopped working.  Once I got home I realized that the thing simply was not powering up.  I unplugged it and pluged it back in several times.  The power and connection lights would stay on 5-10 seconds before going out again.  What gives?  Is this a systemic problem.