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    Directv H25-100 and "A/V" output to Slingbox


      I recently returned to Directv, and I have HD25-100 receivers that are so new that:


      1. Manuals are unavailable, either online or through customer service

      2. There is a new "A/V" output that is available for an HD connection to my Slingbox HD Pro.  This A/V port looks a lot like an S-Video connector, but it is slightly wider in diameter, and the male/female connections are slightly different.  I called Directv tech support, and the tech had never heard of it or seen it before.  He found a picture of it, and he agreed, that this was something new.  I was extremely  disappointed in the support I received from Directv (none, in the end.)


      So I have the HDMI going from the Directv receiver to the television, and I have a standard def connection going from my Directv receiver to my slingbox, which works fine.  But. it is not HD.


      Does anyone know what the cable would be called that is this new "A/V" at one end and HD component at the other?


      I cannot find it on Amazon, Directv, Slingbox, Crutchfield, Radio Shack or anywhere online!!


      Ironically, I did find one reference to this on Directv's website, and it said that the cable was available separately.  Now if only I could find someone who knew where..


      Any feedback would be appreciated..


      Paul F.