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    Full Functioning remote required for Sonicview SV-HD8000


      TO SLINGBOX SUPPORT TEAM: Please update the virtual remote to include all functions same as the original OEM remote that came with my SV-HD8000 fta receiver.  There are many very important remote functions missing,....like "Exit" and the Green, Blue, Yellow, Red button functions,....also the select satelite button function.  Without the "Yellow" button function,....you can not remotely set up EPG recordings directly from the guide !,....this function is also missing on your $ 30.00 iPhone app !,....for this price one would expect all of the remote functions available.  Also the app's "skip forward" button does not skip forward,....it fast forwards without stopping.  PLEASE re-program the CORRECT IR codes required for the Sonicview SV-HD8000 fta receiver so that I can remotely set up recordings and access my equipment correctly via PC and iPhone app.


      Thank you.