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    SlingPlayer on multiple iPad




      I have two iPads in my household on different iTune accounts.  Would I need to purchase two SlingPlayers or is there a way I can share the App d/l between the two iPads.




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          AndyK Newbie

          Yes you do need to purchase another copy, unless you just use the iTunes account where you purchased the Slingplayer app for both iPads.

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            I know, right. I mean I shelled out $200 for a sling box AV 5 years ago. I have the player installed on my windows machine, but I am dumping windows on all my systems in favor of Ubuntu. They don't currently have plans to offer support for Linux. I have an iPad and an iPhone. It would be $60 to get the app for both devices, and I just found out from tech support that if I had bought the app, it would not work with my AV. What a waste of time and money. If I can find a competitor that offers me a solution to this I will buy from them and post the brand here.