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    Low sound PC and tablet.


      Hi Everyone,


      I just setup that slingbox solo I a get video and sound.  However, the sound is really low.  all volume controls are at max on laptop and Xoom tablet.  I have looked through all the settings and can not find anything that will help me raise the volume.  I have also looked through all the discussions and help questions, but found nothing that could help.  Any suggestions on how I can raise the volume.


      Thank you very much!

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          I have the same problem, even with head phones the volume is much too low.

          need help.

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              I got in contact with Slingmedia support and the rep suggested I use the volume up button on the virtual remote.  I explained to her that it did not have a volume control button on it.  She then asked that I take the actual cable box remote, go to the cable box, and simply use the volume button on the remote to raise the volume...IT WORKED.  Note: If it is a cable box remote that has the ability to control other devices, such as TV,  Aux, etc...be sure you select the button to control the cable box.  You can also go through the sling box setup and try another remote.  I found that I was able to control the volume with another remote that had the volume control.  Once the volume was all the way up, I set up the original remote.  You can then control the volume using the volume control on your PC or tablet, respectively.  Now that I have everything on the Slingbox working, it is great.  Hope you're able to get yours working.  Good Luck!