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    SlingPlayer app on WD TV Live - can't get past license agreement!


      When I attempt to use the SlingPlayer app on my new WD TV Live unit, and  attempt to log in, I am asked to accept the licensing agreement.  When I  select 'accept', the screen just stays frozen on the license agreement.   Nothing ever happens.  When I exit out of the Slingplayer app, and  return to the app, it goes to 'loading' screen, but then to a black  screen.


      The WD TV Live unit is networked wirelessly to a D-Link  router, DIR-825.  All other network connected services work on the WD TV unit, such as  Netflix, and I am able to view Slingbox content on the same wireless  network using a laptop.  I have also tried same setup using Linksys WRT610N router.