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    Slingplayer loads but won't stream


      I just set up my new Boxee, it loads the Slingplayer app but won't stream. Boxee connects to my (remote location) network and streams applications and media just fine, so the Boxee is working. The problem is limited to connecting to my Slingbox. I can connect to my Slingbox via my computer on the same network the Boxee is on so it doesn't seem to be a problem with my Slingbox or my network/router in either location. The problem is with Slingplayer on Boxee.


      Boxee authenticates my Slingbox account and identifies my Slingpbox (HD-Pro) but won't stream content. It returns one of two messages. The first is: "Connection Timed Out. Unable to connect to Slingbox. Please check that your Slingbox is on and connected to the network. Then try again. (code: 10003)." The other messsage is: "HTTP Error. Error retrieving sources for Slingbox. (code: 2)." I get both messages via wired connection and wireless.


      Boxee seems seems to find my Slingbox just fine.  In fact, when I'm connected to my Slingbox via my computer (in the same location as the Boxee), the Boxee Slingplayer app will identify that another user is connected and will ask if I want to kick off the other user. When I confirm yes, I lose my computer connection but Boxee still fails to deliver a signal from my Slingbox and gives one of the two messages above.


      I'm at a loss for a fix.  I find a similar but not exactly the same problem posted elsewhere in the forums. Slingplayer is the only reason I bought a Boxee, so I'm getting pretty annoyed at not being able to use it as I intended. I'd appreciate any help or suggestions from others. Thanks!