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    Configuration and Remote Help


      I have a Slingbox Pro-HD, my cable (Basic)/internet (15Mbs) and through WOW here in Columbus, Ohio. My cable comes into the apartment then into a 3-way splitter (1 internet & 2 cable). My cable then runs into a converter box ( a uDTA-E) beofre going into the slingbox. This setup doesnt allow me to change the channel despite trying all of the uDTA remotes supported and if I just run the cable into the slingbox I get nothing. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!

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          By cable I take it you mean the co-ax cable and not composite or component ?  If so then your Slingbox will receive all it's signal on analog Channel 3 or 4, so that is the only channel you should find during a search.   Again, you haven't told us much about the cable box, but Googling uDTA seems to show it is a Comcast device ?   If so then any of the Comcast DTA or RNG remotes should work.