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    Cannot connect to home network and cannot reset


      My slingbox solo worked fine for a couple of months but now cannot connect to my home network. When I turn the Slingbox on, only the power light is on, not the network light or the slingbox logo light. My slingbox is connected to my router via slinglinks as my router is in a different room. The slinglink connected to the router has all 3 lights on green (though the network light flickers) but the slinglink connected to my slingbox has only the first 2 lights on green, the network light is off. I have checked all the physical connections and all the wires are connected fine. I have disabled firewalls. I have tried plugging my slingbox directly into my router (without the use of slinglinks and without being connected to my tv/sky box) to see if the network light would come on then but it still didn't. I also cannot reset the slingbox as I am being told to do, doesn't matter how long I hold the button down for, no lights come on, turn off, start flickering, nothing. No changes. Really frustrating as I am going on holiday tomorrow and hoped I would be able to use then. Any help appreciated.