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    Intermittent External Tuning Issue


      My Slinbox Pro is attached to a DTA from Comcast/Pce a DC50X.  Its been tuning fine now for over 4 months.  Unexpectedly, it stopped tuning.  Box tunes fine with its remote.  I checked all the cables.  Rebooted slingbox, it worked for a day.  Now it doesn't tune remotely at all. Stays on the same channel.


      Is this an issue others are experiencing?  Any ideas?



      Note the setup code is from this site for those having the same setup issues.  http://http://zenmojo.com/blog/2009/10/07/how-to-get-your-slingbox-working-with-comcast-dta-pace-dc50x/

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          Have you checked your IR Blasters by viewing them through a digital camera while you tap a button.  Could be they are going 'soft' or are failing.  You should see a strong white flash.   If there is no flash or a red one then they are broken.  (I assume no-one has moved them out of position ?_