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    Slingbox Pro Freezes


      My Slingbox Pro has been great for several years.  But recently, it's started freezing up.  I can't get it to play for more than a few seconds whether I'm on my laptop, iPhone or iPod. It doesn't matter if I'm at home or away.


      I have a cable modem for my internet.  Is it possible that my speed is too slow for good uploads?  What speed do I need?


      I use the Sling Link Turbo that plugs into my electrical outlet to move the internet signal to the box, which is on another room.  Could that be the issue?


      Again, the picture is great, when I get it.  It just freezes up after a few seconds.


      Any thoughts?



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          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Ebaird1,

          Sorry to hear you are having some video freezing. As you suspected, when video "freezes" it's usually a network speed issue.

          We have an article, Slingbox system requirements for HD and SD streaming that outlines some of the minum speeds needed for effective streaming.

          Although this article is about the PRO-HD, it's standard definition requirements are similar to the PRO.


          You can test you connection speed at sites like speedtest.net to see if you are in range for streaming video.