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    Jittery/Jerky Video and Audio on SB Classic HD Internet Viewing


      I've been using a basic slingbox (Model SB240-100) for years.   I have Comcast Digital TV and they recently went all digital.  I have a Motorola DVR (Model DCH 3416) and I have a D-Link (Vonage) N-Router.  Up until recently everything was fine.   I have run all the setup recommendations on the Slingbox webpage and it says everything is correctly set up.



      Ever since Comcast went all digital, I'm noticing that the video and audio is "Jerky"  (i.e. when someone walks across a room, their motion is not smooth, but the action happens in fast "stop-action" jerks).  The audio is also jerky (i.e. audio momentarily cuts out so that words or phrases are dropped).




      I can resolve 98% of the problem by putting slingplayer in control mode, but after several hours of watching with control mode on, the remote commands lag so far behind as to make the remote useless.  




      Does anyone know what causes this?  Are there settings I need to change?  Is there a cure other than putting Slingbox in control mode everytime I turn it on?