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    So-called "mobile" sling box


      Why do I have to pay $30 worth of software to use the $250 piece of hardware I bought so I can watch my cable anywhere I want to? Pretty much felt like I got lied to. Serious separation from convention. Could the people making the decisions here include mobile app in the price of the hardware so I at least feel like I'm getting a complete product? I cannot watch my slingbox now unless I have a TV with internet capabilities or a lap top.  What if I only have an iPad? Then I don't really have a sling box... This is just a bait and switch. NOWHERE in the promotions do they mention that the app costs something! Let alone....$30....PER DEVICE! When have I EVER paid that much for an app? And expecially an app that just connects to the device. That's what a WEB BROWSER already does just fine. So whoever was the brainiac in the marketing meeting got this one wrong. Way to tick off your users. I like the product...just would have liked the whole thing to come with the price tag.