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    Re: SOLO will not connect to my router


      Sorry to reply instead of openning a new thread, I just couldn't understand how to start a new question. to many "New" options {blog/ Discussion / Document / Idea / Task } ???


      So now that my ranting is over,



      I bought my slingbox a few months a go in the US, I live in Israel.


      My setup is such :

      I am using ICS to connect my router (Edimax BR-6424n) to the internet (windows XP sp3)


      I have turned off the firewall on the ICS, IP: (obviously)

      I have multiple computers and mobile devices utilizing the internet connection shared by ICS via the wireless router.

      My cable box is connected to the router and recieves internet.

      My Android device has internet

      and two Windows 7 pcs have internet connection as well.



      When i try to connect via the site, it clams it cannot find the slingbox. I reset the slingbox to factory settings multiple times.

      did not help


      I used a network sniffer {Android free download Fing} that found my slingbox at ip

      I pinged from my ICS, Mobile and wind7 pcs, all can see the slingbox.


      I downloaded the older slingplayer for pc,

      used the "advanced" in the add slingbox, put in port 5001 on the slingbox.

      I still cannot connect to the slingbox


      i read http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-100054.html but i am still unable to connect to my slingbox (from any device including the mobile)


      Please help, It's been a few weeks of trial and error. And I am really getting frustrated


      Thank you


      Mickey Perlstein


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          shaysfn Novice

          Hey pitronot,


          Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understand that  you are having trouble connecting to your Slingbox.


          I would recommend taking the Slingbox and connecting it directly to your router to configure it and then when its done, go ahead and connect back to the ICS.


          Hope this helps.




          Sling Moderation Team

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              Dear Sir,


              thank you for your mail.


              As i said in my previous mail. I can ping the solo, so the problem is NOT

              in routing or IP. there are no firewalls, and computers can communicate

              freely between ICS aND BACK.


              Why do you think connecting it to the router directly without ICS will help

              ? [taking into account that this will require me to run a 30m cable i need

              to purchase just for this occasion  so maybe some other thoughts before we

              try this? ]