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    Error message: Slingplayer cannot connect to your Slingbox. Please make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the internet and try again (8).

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      My slingbox is connected directly to the internet (NOT wIfI  and not vi a powerline connection - directly to the switch). I can watch it over wi-fi via connected laptop using Google Chrome. So I know the Slingbox is connected to the internet just fine.


      I am using iPhone 6, slingbox app version 2.0.21 - I am connected to the same wifi as my laptop was, in the same room as router - Excellent internet connection.  Have FIOS with 1GB up and down - so that is not the issue.


      It is just the app that I cannot use. - I deleted the app and reinstalled it as well. Same issue with my iPad App.  Happens even when I shut down WiFi on phone and go with a strong LTE signal so I know it is not my internet connections to sling and devices.  There has to be something going on with the App because I watch fine over wifi via chrome on Laptop.