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    Optimizing my connection




      My experience this last week with a new Slingbox set up has been relatively good, but I am experiencing stuttering and other annoyances trying to watch the stream.


      Here's my setup:


      * Slingbox located on a 100mbps network at a friend's house

      * I am trying to watch on a 40mbps network (at every point of my tests, speedtest (admittedly biased for comcast) returns a 35mbps result)


      When starting the stream, the client reports a 200 - 500k data rate. This is undoubtedly the cause of my stuttering and other bad behavior in the web client. Starting the stream from a DIFFERENT (friend's) house with a similar connection (but not comcast), he was getting almost immediately a 4000k throughput and it was flawlessly smooth HD. So now I'm thinking this is my connection at home, not the host network the slingbox is located on.


      I don't have a problem streaming HD off of XBox, and Netflix is flawless so I know my connection in general is good. So far it seems to be a combination of the slingplayer web control and my network.


      Any ideas on what I can do to get a better connect on my not-shabby network? Anyone else been able to get past this?