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    Digital Adapter Problems


      Good day all, am having a frustrating issue with my Slingbox PRO-HD.



      1)  Setting up my SB on a new Mac, new router.

      2)  Initially installed with just the coax as the only input.

      3)  Performed factory reset, scan found properly over 300 channels.

      4)  However, only channels 2 - 22 were displayed.

      5)  Seperately from the SB, I lfound this is the exact behavior of a regular TV hooked up to the same coax.

      6)  So, I ordered the digital adapter from my cable provider, which is WOW.

      7)  Hooking the adapter up to the TV now yields all of the channels, so I know that's working.



      8)  Doing another factory reset on the SB works fine, from the coax inout, it shows channel 3 onthe preview screen.  When I get to the scanning process, one of two things happen:

      a)  Quick channel scan - the message I receive is "Scanning complete, Channels found:0"

      b)  Detailed channel scan - scan takes forever, progress along through 100%, then at the end says "Scan failed."


      After either of those scans, then it will say "No video source", and the only way to do anything else is to factory reset again.


      Please help, much appreciated.


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          alanrichey42 Master

          What appears to be happening is that your TV provider is transmititng 22 analog channels and 300 digital channels.   So the SB and the TV will see ONLY the analog channels.  The DTA is taking the signal from the co-ax, decoding the digital channels and then outputing on JUST analog Channel 3.  I assume you set your TV to Channel 3 and then use the DTA Remote to switch channels ?


          So plugging in the output from the DTA to the Slingbox analog tuner is pointless.   All you can get is the single Channel 3 that the DTA is sending out, scanning will not find anything.    Your only option is to use a splitter and drive the Slingbox directly from the wall, that will then pick up the 22 analog channels.


          The only way to get the full 300 channels on the Slingbox is to put some sort of device with a digital TV tuner included into the system (I use a TIVO).  That can be driven from the co-ax and then the composite output from that can be put into the Slingbox.

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            This is what I do also. Cable from wall to DTA, DTA out to VCR in (VCR set to channel 3), VCR out to SB in, SB out toTV (TV set to channel 3).