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    slingplayer capable blue ray or tv


      I am watching my slingbox hd pro located in NC/USA from my pc in Washington DC. Life is good.


      I need a TV and Blue Ray player in DC and want to stream directly using a slingplayer capable BR or TV. Many BR players and TV's are streaming capable. Sure, I could stream from my laptop and then connect a tv to the laptop. So, are there any BR players or TV with an integrated slingbox widget?


      I sure hope so...



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          callanish Apprentice

          Unfortunately Kurt, no. Current options for what you are trying to do is limited to a handful of devices. Hardware with GoogleTV ( Hit and a miss, mostly miss, but heard that it works better with the vizio co-star), WDTV Live ( More stable, but still buggy ) and boxee ( buggy ). Last option is the outdated Slingcatcher, which works fine, but is no longer being made nor updated, thus the extortionate prices on e-bay.


          I'm sure at some point, more connected devices will become available in the future as soon as slingmedia works out the kinks, but so far we're in a bit of a holding pattern waiting for connected devices that are avaliable to get the bugs fixed and waiting for future support for other devices ( Roku, appletv, smart tv's, xbox 360, PS3, etc. ) to become available. 

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              I'm not a gamer so I have never owned an xbox or playstation. But the addition of a slingplayer widget would motivate me and perhaps many more folks to buy. Hopefully such a unit would have BR and not DVD. MS and Sony listen up.


              My laptop is a bit dated, dual core w/ only vga out. Motivation to upgrade to an i3 or higher with hdmi to a big screen. Looks like I will stick to my desktop with bose audio and mid-sized monitor.


              The BR player with integrated player would easily be the most affordable option. It would boost sales for the HD-Pro unit as well. I guess I will do nothing for now and hope the negoations with Samsung, Sony, and others go well. It would be real cool for Samsung, Sony and others to adopt an open source path and SDK. Move the development costs to the folks, who do such things for fun and bragging rights. Open Source would make everyone a winner. I am a developer, so sign me up if the SDK is made available.




              This facility has hundreds of PTZ ( & night vision) and portable IP cameras using Vbricks and direct to disk recording via NAS. Kings can afford such things....


              Open source is good people.