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    iOS devices stutter when changing SQ to HQ...others don't




      I've been a slingbox user for a long time, since the classic model was first released.  After using multiple different mobile platforms - Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android Phone, and Android Tabled - I've noticed a huge difference when using my iPad / iPhone.  It stutters or takes a few seconds to change from SQ to HQ video.  There is a pause / skip in the video and audio when this happens, sometimes up to 20 seconds.  None of the other platforms have done this (pc and macs also don't).


      Over the years, one of the biggest selling points for me is that the slingbox dynamically adapts to changing network conditions without skipping a beat.  That seems to have changed for iOS devices.


      I went through Tech Support, and through case 00605023  I found that this is expected behavior.  That disappointed me.  I'd appreciate it if this could be investigated for future releases.


      I'd be more than happy to answer any questions or assist with any testing.


      Thank You Very Much!!


      Pete Spulecki

      Buffalo, NY