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    Stutters when bandwidth fluctuates




      I've been a long time slingbox owner, starting with the classic model.  I've also used slingplayer software on multiple platforms.  When viewing on my iPad, I've had the quality set to Auto for both cellular and wifi.  I've found that the bandwidth fluctuates from time to time, and can dip down to 500 kbps even with my 4G LTE connection at full signal strength.  When this happens, the video stutters, or goes to a blank/black screen for a moment and then will resume.  As bandwidth increases (usually quickly) it will stutter or go to black again.  I assume this happens when it is automatically switching from standard quality to high quality video.  Using multiple platforms (Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Anrdoid Phone, Android Tablet, Browser, PC Client, Mac Client, SlingCatcher...)  I've never had a stutter when going experiencing a bandwidth fluctuation, unless it goes very low (50 kbps) and sometimes it wouldn't even fluctuate then...  I'm confused as to why I always see this behavior on the ipad, when I've never seen it on numerous other devices and platforms.  One of the best selling points of the slingbox was that it dynamically adjusts to changing bandwidth without skipping a beat (until now...)


      FYI, I have 3 dots - my router is set up correctly,  I see the same behavior on wifi and LTE, and from slingboxes in multiple locations on different ISP's.


      Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!