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    Slingbox Solo with 2 SlingLink Boxes - Want to change from cable (Comcast) to either DirectTV or the Dish Network.


      I've had Slingbox Solo for better than 4 years now along with 2 Slinglink boxes because my set-top box for cable is in a different room than my cable modem and router.  I am very satisfied with it.   In 4 years I've had to replace the adapter cable that plugs into the back of my Slingbox Solo unit and I've also had to buy a new pair of Slinglink boxes.   The diagnostic support I've gotten from the Slingbox people has been outstanding.    I bought Slingbox Solo to primarily watch hockey games when I was away on business, but I've used it for alot of other applications as well such as HBO and local sports for instance watching the Steelers when I am in Florida and the local TV down there seems to have the Dolphins always playing at the same time.   Now that I'm retired and not crazy about sports bars I am finding the cost of Comcast to be more and more prohibitive.   I am contemplating a switch to Direct TV or the Dish Network.    My question is, has anybody tried this?   Is it just as easy to log into the Slingbox Media website and access a satellite TV box in order to change channels if I am on either of these satellite networks?  Slingbox is the only reason I haven't made the switch thusfar.   Comcast is costing me close to $200/month for TV and high-speed internet.   And it's time to part company as least as far as cable TV, but I don't want to make the switch if it means I lose my Slingbox capability.

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          Hey ACC216174,


          Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understand that you are thinking about changing your TV provider from cable to satellite.


          The Slingbox will absolutely work just as well with a satellite receiver set top box as it does with the cable box.  You will have all of the same functions, access to DVR, your guide, everything.  You will, of course, have to keep your internet connection, you will also have to go in and reconfigure your Slingbox to work with the new AV device, but everything else will work the same.


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