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    How do I Fix a Choppy/freezing Picture?


      Many times I am trying to watch a sporting event or TV show and the streaming stops and starts and I miss frames.  One time I found a video quality menu that let me change the video quality from optimal to poor and that helped a lot.  I can't seem to get that menu back to see if it automatically reset to optimal.  Does anyone know how to find that option.


      Next I tried to change the encoding to manual and drop the bit rate from the 300 to a lower number to slow things down and get some buffering (my picture is ok when it buffers but deteriorates when I have zero buffering).  However when I go in an manually change the number and hit apply it automatically changes what I entered (ie 100) to the maximum 1080.  Does anyone know how to manually change the encoding and make it apply?


      Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get a clear picture when away using a hotel hook-up or a wireless broadband conntector?





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          Hi kenharris5, here is some good help for you:

          SlingPlayer Options: Video


          Troubleshooting choppy video in SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows


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              I assume you are with Sling Media.


              I need a specific answer to 2 items:


              1) In the past I was able to get a drop down menu when I was viewing via my sling player that let me select the picture quality.  I changed it from optimal to poorest and was able to fix the freezing picture problem. I suspect that the option reset itself to optimal and that is why I am now having a picture skipping problem sometimes. CAN YOU GIVE ME INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ACCESS THAT DROP DOWN MENU AGAIN.  I CAN'T SEEM TO FIND IT ANYMORE.


              2) I have tried to change the encoding to fix the problem, however if I change from automatic to manual and change the bit size to a lower resolution from the 300 that is showing and click apply it automatically changes to 1080.  CAN YOU LET ME KNOW HOW TO MAKE A MANUAL CHANGE AND HAVE IT APPLY.


              Based on the link you sent me it appears that I should be staying on automatic encoding (and not going to manual) but changing the Internet resolution to a lower number on the automatic link to help resolve my problem.  IF THAT IS SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW THE CORRECT APPROACH


              In general the help section of your website is terrible.  I should not have to go thru all of this **** to get a simple explanation and answer to a problem that a lot of people seem to have.  Based on the horrible experience I am goimng thru it appears that the problem is caused by lack of buffering which is probably caused by a slow internet connection when using the plug in mobile device or too many users on a hotel network.  It would have been nice if your help could have said that in english and give simple instructions on how to get around that problem (ie. switch to an ethernet connection or change the settings to be compatible with the broadband speed)




              Ken Harris