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    SOLO will not connect to my router

    maccy Newbie

      I just purchased a new Solo as my previous one - owned for 3+ years - decided not to connect to my network any longer (no network light).


      However my new purchase does not seem to want to connect to my router either - the network light flashes constantly. I've tried getting the router to automatically assign it an IP address via DHCP as well as creating a fixed IP with the Slingbox's MAC address.


      Nothing has changed wrt my home network recently and I've tried the following things:


      1. Restarting Slingbox and router

      2. Checked the Slingbox receives power (power light stays lit)

      3. Checked all physical connections (tried different ethernet cables, plugging Slingbox directly into router rather than via homeplugs)

      4. Verified homeplugs work (by plugging in new laptop)

      5. Verified router settings are OK (again with new laptop)

      6. Tried resetting Slingbox but holding in the reset button has no effect whatsoever!


      Any suggestions appreciated.