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    KBox PROdigy Slingbox IR remote BIN question


      hello everyone,


      i was able to obtain a bin file for my KBox Prodigy and i can note remotely control my kbox from my ipad.


      here's the problem:


      problem is when i use my virtual remote on my computer or ipad to change channels, the number '1" on the virtual remote does not work meaning i cant go directly to say channel "151".


      also the chanel up and down buttons on the virutal remote gets hit twice even though i just hit it once. meaning if im at channel 150 and i pressed channel down, i go directly to channel 148 and i skip channel 149 and all the other even numbered channels.


      i am just wondering if maybe there is an updated BIN file for the IR remote codes for the KBOX prodigy for slingbox?


      please help