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    Slingbox Classic - Cannot connect via watch.slingbox.com


      I've been using a Slingbox Classic for years now and had put it away during a recent move.  After getting situated I recently have been working to get this running again.


      So far to date I can connect to it while at my house, view the shows and change the stations using the Windows Slingplayer application just fine.  I can also use watch.slingbox.com from there as well.


      I placed the slingbox in the DMZ on my router after several reconfigurations for port forwarding that does seem to be helping, and thus where my problem lies.


      I cannot view over the internet from anywhere except my home.  If I use a 3G or 4G USB adapter on my notebook from even 3 miles away from my house at a local coffee shop (as a test) it doesn't connect.  My firewall on the PC is open for the correct ports for Slingplayer.  The Slingbox is on DMZ at home, but for the life of me (and after probably 40 resets of the slingbox) it still won't allow me to connect via internet over a LAN, wifi connection or cell USB network connection.


      Am I missing something?


      Looking for help please.