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    slingplayer for vizio co star


      Im currently deciding wether to buy the google vizio co star set top box and was wondering if the slingplayer will be available for it?

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          I have the vizio co-star google tv stream player and am looking for a way to use it with slingbox.  Does anyone know if there is a third party ap that has been written for this?

          I also have the Vizio internet TV and would like to be able to use slingbox with that without having to use the co-star box, is this possible?


          Thanks for the help.

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              callanish Apprentice

              The slingplayer app for the Vizio costar should be under all apps, spotlight apps, tv and movies and scroll down till you see the slingplayer app. it's more of a web link, but it does connect to your slingbox. I own Sony's NSZ-GS7 google tv box and it connects to and works fine with my slingbox. I've read that the co-star also runs well with the slingbox.


              As for the Vizio Internet tv, that's another story. Sling's connected devices don't include smart tv's at this point, unless it has google tv on it.