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    Answered...    finally got the Slingbox app working on Revue


      This is regarding Google TV's Revue box, but may be of some interest to owners of other boxes, Boxee, Apple TV, Roku, etc.


      On my Revue the Slingbox app, 'SlingPlayer' (or is it a bookmark?) can be found under the Spotlight tab.

      (once in Spotlight select All then scroll down to SlingPlayer)


      If get an Not Supported error try this...





      I had the same problem.  You must have changed your Google Chrome Settings from "Default User Agent" to something else .....   mine was customized  to "Desktop".... I was experimenting.  Just set it back to Default User Agent....  It works great.


      Note - HOW TO: Once in Google Chrome press the Menu button next to the Alt key on you keyboard.  Now that you're in Options, Select Settings.  Now that you're in Browser Settings, select Advanced settings. Now you're in Preferences select Under the Hood.  Scroll down the right side of the screen to User Agent and Select Default User Agent.  Exit and try the SlingBox App in Spotlight.




      Hope this helps.