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    Slingbox spontaneously changes channels?


      I'm having a strange problem when I am traveling. It does not always happen. While watching slingbox channels suddenly change. It almost looks like someone else is using the DVR (there are people at home, but they insist that they are not using the DVR and doing this). Has anyone else had this problem? Is it possible that there are "spurious" signals on the line that are initiating the changes? Is there some way to check that the DVR is not actually being controlled by someone locally or over the internet? (I don't really think this is the problem.)


      I usually use the recording feature of the DVR in the evening (TV's local time). Usually I have no problem. But sometimes, a few minutes into the recording the DVR switches to live. It may scan channels for a few moments. Then stops on a live channel. I will turn the recording back on. This may recur every few minutes. Normally, it stops (which makes me feel like someone has broken into the account and is viewing the TV from another location). Sometimes it stops on a Spanish language channel (which is why I don't think anyone in the house is using it)?


      Could this be a security issue? This is early evening viewing on the East coast.


      Thanks. Any help would be appreciated. This is very annoying!