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    I reset my slingbox and now it is asking for a password


      I reset my slingbox to try and solve another issue and now my slingbox will no longer connect. I am able to log in to my Sling Acct and choose my slingbox. It tries to connect, fails and then gives me this message:

      ¨This slingbox requires a password to connect. Please enter:"

      The message also has 2 checkboxes: "Log in as administrator" and "save this password in my sling account".   I have entered my admin password and it does not work. I have entered my Sling Acct password and it does not work either.


      I see my login email and a ¨log out option¨in blue in the top right corner behind the message box but still can´t connect.


      What am I supposed to enter and how can I connect to my slingbox to see if my first issue was resolved with the reset? Help needed!