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    How does it work?

    lkodk Newbie

      Hi there,


      I have just bought a Slingbox HD-PRO. It's great and I don't really have any problems with it.

      I am curious however on how it works, and I haven't been able to find answers to my questions anywhere, so here goes:


      How does the streaming go? When I connect via slingbox.com or my iDevices from the internet, does it then stream via a slingbox server, or does it connect directly with slingbox peer-to-peer?


      When I connect to the box on my local network, does it still use the internet or will the stream be kept locally?


      Finally, how does the box handle dynamic public ip address? I can see that it is aware of my public ip address. Does it regularly send this to slingbox.com, so that their servers know where to find my box, when I try to connect from somewhere in the world?


      I have many many documents/articles from slingbox that are called something with "how it works", but strangely they haven't answered these for questions for me