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    Stopped working on Razor Maxx


      The application just stopped working on my Verizon Droid Razor Maxx.  It keeps saying that there is no connection.  But the box works fine on my laptop and I have internet connection for everthing else on my phone.  Can anyone help?  I have already unistalled and reinstalled several times. Thanks

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          I now have the Galaxy 3 and the app still does not work.  Please help!!  Very frustrated.


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              Today it is working on my Razr Maxx in SD and HD (though I have a "Solo" box). The HD, with composite feed, almost looks like DVD quality on my phone.

              I just hope they get the issues with the Apple folks cured as well.




              Right! Suddenly it seemed to stop showing video on my Razr Maxx. Then if you change anything at bottom, it locks/crashes and you have to force end of application.

              Then I found out it would only start out if you force it to auto go to SD mode at beginning.

              Then I found out the Apple people have noticed this problem since the end of SEPT!!!!!!!!!

              Then I see that SLING people admit they turned off HQ?? until they fix something.


              Please fix this ... when I updated droid app, it scrambled my box (lost password), and I had to redo the whole works.

              Now no HD to the Maxx. The SD is horrible.


              Boy, it would've been nice if they either let us know by email or on their main page. I've read about tons of people redoing THEIR system, NOT knowing what's going on.


              C'mon folks, let's get this going!!!!!