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    Using Ap on both a phone and tablet?


      Are you able to use the slingbox on both your phone and tablet, once you buy the AP?. I see two different options?. I need to be able to ues it on an Android phone(HTC Thunderbolt) and tablet(Nook).


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          I have the same question-can I purchase 1 app (which one) and use it for both the android phone and the android tablet?  How?

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            Good Afternoon toothmark,


            Sorry about the confusion with the applications! The Nook isn't actually supported by SlingPlayer since it doesn't run an Android based platform like the Kindle Fire. However to answer your questions, you can purchase SlingPlayer for Android Phones and use it with the Android Tablet but you will experience a reduced resolution since the phone application is designed for a smaller screen. We developed the SlingPlayer for Android Tablet so that the resolution rate will fit the screen size of the tablet that you would be using. Though you can use the SlingPlayer for Android Phones on the tablet, you are not able to use the SlingPlayer for Tablet application for the Android phone due to the compressed screen size. The best way to look at it would be, the little guy can fit the big guy but the big guy cannot fit the little guy.


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