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    closed captions question SB300-100


      I'm able to get CC (closed captions) using the latest version of SlingPlayer, but I seem to have a bug when I use the coax input (antenna) with x.2 or x.3 (7.2, 7.3, 8.2, 8.3, 9.2, 13.2, 16.2, 29.2, 29.3 and 34.2). If I change to one of those channels it displays a weak signal message. However, if I switch to a different input (composite or component) and switch back, the picture will display and I get closed captions. Closed captions on the SlingPlayer are OK via composite by enabling it and component that uses the Dish Network receiver's CC. If I go through the website (Watch Slingbox), my Coax input will tune in all channels including those with a .2 or .3 suffix, but I can't figure out how to enable closed captioning. Since it's under warranty, I did contact Slingbox telephone support. She did not have an answer, but suggested I post this message on a forum and someone might be able to help me enable CC via "Watch.Slingbox" or might be able to figure out why the SlingPlayer has the "minor" channel bug. I suspect it's a SlingPlayer software glitch, but apparently Slingbox stopped updating the player software, preferring users to got through the website. I can't get CC using the website method though. I do have the latest fimware and software installed. Slingbox support indicated that sometimes their software people browse the forums.