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    Error meesage when using any function keys on remote


      I receive an error message that either my receiver, TV, or connections are not HD whenever I issue any command on my remote, e.g. List, Guide, Info, enter a channel number directly, etc.  This occurs whether I am accessing my Slingbox Pro HD via the PC installed software (yes, I acknowledge that software is no longer supported) or via the web based Slingwatch.com site.  I also have a Slingbox Pro which does NOT show this error message.


      I am watching via the Internet from outside the USA.  I experience this situation whether my Internet connection is through the country where I live (not China) or via a CONUS based VPN.


      My Slingbox worked fine when I last viewed it on June 20, 2012.  When I returned to my out CONUS residence and attempted to watch my Slingbox on August 11, 2012 I received this error message.


      I folled the message's instructions to hold the "Exit" ket to reprogram my receiver to standard mode.  But, that does nothing.  I can make the Error Message go away, or it eventually goes Away by itsrelf and I can watch the Slingbox.  But, anytime I execute a remote command the error message returns.  The only remote commands that work are channel inputs.  The special functions such as List (to watch recorded programs) and Info do not work at all.


      Any suggestions, directions will be greatly appreciated.


      My set up is:

      TV provider: DirecTV

      Receiver: DirecTV HD DVR Model HR24-700

      TV: Sony Bravia HD

      Connector Cables: Satellite receiver to TV: HDMI; Slingbox to Satellite Receiver: Component

      Slingbox Software Version: 2.1.350