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    Connected yesterday but today just a black screen - help please!


      Everything was working just fine yesterday but today I tried to access my home Slingbox Pro remotely and am just getting a black screen i.e. no video, no audio.  I've been at this remote location for a couple of months and have connected successfully every day using a Windows pc.  I used the same procedure as I've always done and do get to the virtual remote control but nothing seems to happen after pressing the power button (also tried ctrl-shift-9) - I continue to see just a black screen.  I've tried another laptop that I've successfully used before and the same thing happens.  I've rebooted both pc's and reconnected to the Slingbox.  The network at this remote location seems to be working just fine.  The network at home seems to be also working fine as I can log into security cameras, thermostats, etc.  Can anyone help?