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    Power supply advice,please


      Just received new ktec psu for Slingcatcher.

      Worked immediately.

      If unit is not tobe used for,say,two months,is it better to remove from power socket or leave plugged in?

      I ask this to see which is least likely to cause the psu to fail or burn out?

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          callanish Apprentice

          I would unplug it for longevity sake. The only thing I've noticed after leaving one of my slingcatcher's unplugged for a period of time was that once reconnected, I had to re-sign into my sling account again, but having owned my slingcatchers for many years now, I'm still on the original power supply with both of them, so my advice is keep the PSU unplugged when not using it for long periods of time. Heat continues to be the enemy of electronics.