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    Freezing / Disconnecting




      Like many others, I ran into the freezing / disconnecting problem. I have a PRO HD box and I've had it for about a month. Everything worked perfectly until yesterday, May 13, when the problems started happening. I tried to update the firmware but the box stops responding in the middle of the upgrade (anywhere from 54% to 63%) so I can't even do the firmware upgrade. I also noticed that pinging the box when the video freezes returns time outs. Shortly after, the box starts to respond again to ping, with very good times (2ms avg). Reconnecting works, but video is slow and the connection ramps up to 1800 then goes down until video freezes again. I use slingbox.com to view on my computer (with Firefox). I also use my iPhone and I am having the same issues. On the iPhone it will start, then a few seconds or couple of minutes later it disconnects and it gives me a connection error message.

      On the computer I don't get an error message, the picture just freezes and it sits there forever.

      I read the SOLO forum and there seem to be a lot of people in that thread discussing this problem. I am not sure if I should post there - it seemed more appropriate to post in the PRO HD section.


      Any help is appreciated. I am getting ready to go on a trip and I would hate to not have it working by then.

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          I'm not sure i would hold my breath waiting for a fix.  This issue has been going on for about 2-3 months, and there has been no response from sling media regarding this issue.  I travel about 50% of the time, and when my slingbox stopped working 3 months ago, i too was hopeful for a fix.. but to this point.. nothing....

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            Update: My PRO-HD is working again. Here's what I did:

            First of all, I should specify that prior to yesterday my slingbox was connected to my router via a HomeWave adapter through the powerlines. That connection worked, as I mentioned, without a glitch until Friday, when it started acting up. On Saturday I pulled the slinbox out of the bedroom closet and hooked it up to the downstairs cable box, where I have a wired ethernet connection to my router. Once I hooked it up there I connected through my computer and I let it run overnight and it didn't disconnect at all. So I concluded that the HomeWave adapter pair I was using is no longer reliable and needs to be replaced. I went to MicroCenter and bought a TrendNet bridge adapter, came home, configured it on the computer, hooked it up to the slingbox (instead of the wired connection), tested to make sure the connection worked, and it did, and then moved everything back in the upstairs bedroom. I connected without problems and the connection didn't drop. I let it run overnight when I went to bed but this morning I noticed that after a couple of hours it froze again, however I think this has to do with the wireless bridge connection (since the direct connection didn't drop once). I am currently unable to test the consistency of the connection on my iPhone as AT&T's 3G network is currently having issues in my city (although AT&T's official word is that 'everything is working fine'). Their self-procalimed 'fastest 3G network' gives me an average of 5 kbps (that's right, FIVE KILOBITS (not even kiloBYTES) per second) so Sling Player can't handle that low of a connection. I am hoping that in the next couple of days the 3G network will be back up and I can test properly. So far I can view fine on WiFi .

            Many factors contribute to the overall state of the Slingbox. What works for me will likely not work for someone else as the infrastructure is different from one setup to the next. I do encourage everyone, however, to try a direct connection first and minimize any possible trouble-making areas (remove bridges, power line adapters, evern wireless routers if possible). If  you can establish a direct connection to a verified hardwired hub, try that connection first. If it doesn't work at that point continue with Sling support, etc, but at least you've eliminated a lot of possible issues.

            Also, I noticed that the IP address of the Slingbox was listed as two different IP addresses in different areas:

            It was when I was logged on to Slinbox.Com --> Support and in the Router list of clients (as My *Slingbox). Since I had opened port 5001 on the 254 address, I am not sure how it affected the other address, but I opened 5001 on 142 as well, just to be on the safe side.


            Good luck to everyone out there who's having problems. I will keep an eye on the forum and try to help if I can, as I know how frustrating it can be to be without a working setup after spending so much money on it.


            Oops - spoke to soon... I can't connect now at all, it say's the Slingbox cannot be found. I have a feeling the wireless bridge adapter has a sleep timer function of some sort that puts it in sleep mode. I'll have to do some more research and find out what's going on. Worst case scenario I have two proven options: 1) run a wire up to the bedroom (hard to do since I can't go through walls) or 2) setup the Slingbox downstairs and connect it with via the existing wired connection. I don't really like option #2 since that's the family TV and either the kids or the wife usually control that. I would like to have dedicated access, that's why I have it hooked up in the bedroom. I'll keep you all posted.

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              Wow good info.  Thanks for sharing that.


              I am in a different country than my Slingbox Pro HD and have to rely on my friend in California to keep the Pro HD running properly.  It's only been a few months since we took-on this venture, but so far so good.  He's a freaking genius so I don't have to worry too much about his part in this fun.


              However, at my location I had to figure out how to get a wired connection to my living room to hookup to my slingcatcher and TV.  My router is downstairs, but ~30 feet away, down a fairly long hallway, and in a separate room from the living room.  Initially I was running a 50' ethernet cable down the hallway and into the living room behind a couch etc.  If I was a bachelor again it would have been no problem and wouldn't have bothered me in the least.  However, since I didn't want to become a bachelor again and my wife was acting as if I had set the house on fire I had to come up with another plan.


              I had to do a three-day project that entailed drilling holes, hammering in conduit, crawling around in an attic and running over 100' of cable to get to the living room (up to the second floor and into the attic and then back down again) and finding an electrical outlet nearby the TV that I could run the ethernet cable and conduit down to.  Have I painted the picture well enough?  I came away from that one a happy camper, but with several scraped knuckles and a smashed thumb.


              Go with option #1.  Not what you want to hear, but just thought I'd throw it in for good measure.  LOL.  Good luck!   

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                  OK, I am up and running again. To update everyone - my slingbox is hooked up to my cable box and blueray player in the master bedroom upstairs. The first problem I ran into was losing connection and choppy streaming, which I realized was because I was using ethernet-over-powerline adapters. I took those out of the picture and installed a wireless bridge (TrendNet). That worked very well at home, although I still had sporadic interruptions, however I noticed that it locked up when I tried to connect remotely - it worked fine over 3G but it locked up when I tried connecting to it from a different wireless network (I know, weird, right?).

                  So I went back to the drawing board. It became clear that I had to have a hard wired connection to my slingbox in order to get the best possible connection. I pondered different ways to run a cable up to the bedroom, but I didn't like any of them. Then, while I was in the basement looking around for ways to run the wire, it dawned on me that I already have pre-wired ethernet cables running in every room of the house! When I built the house the builder ran ethernet cables to every phone jack. I am no longer using a land line (and even if I was, I have a phone package that has 5 sets but only one needs to be connected to an outlet) so I decided to switch jacks from phone to ethernet in the bedroom. While I was at it, I decided to expand the ethernet setup in 2 other rooms. So, the first thing I did was install a switch in the basement. That gave me 4 ports, with possibility to cascade and add as many additional hubs / ports as I needed, but for the time being 4 ports suffice. Then, I pulled the phone cable that came from my office (where I have the router / cable modem) out of the phone switch, snapped a male ethernet connector on the end, and plugged it into the input of the basement switch. At the other end, I installed a female CAT5e connector instead of the phone jack. Then I ran a wire from the router to the newly created ethernet port, and I had connection to the switch in the basement. To test it, I hooked up my laptop to the switch in the basement to one of the ports and sure enough, I was browsing the net in no time. Then, I found which wires went to the 3 rooms I wanted to switch from phone to CAT5e jacks, and did the same thing - male ends in the basement, female jacks in the rooms. I ran into a couple of issues because I had a couple of wires swapped, but once I fixed that the 3 rooms had now ethernet connection instead of the unused phone jacks. I then ran a cable from the wall jack to my slingbox, and tested it. The connection was very good (I ran speedtest.net's test prior to hooking up and I was getting 20+ Mbps down, 750+ Kbps upload speeds). Then I went on my computer, logged into my sling account, and went to the Support page. I had to rerun the Internet Viewing wizard again, just to make sure the IP was properly configured in my router for port forwarding. I let the computer run all night long, and when I woke up in the morning and checked it, it was still streaming at 8+ Mbps. I then tested the iPhone app, over 3G. I drove around for about an hour throughout the city, and again, everything ran without a glitch.

                  Short of having a straight connection from the cable modem to my SlingBox, I believe I have done everyting possible to minimize issues and have a continuous, reliable connection to my upstairs SlingBox. As of right now, two days later, everything has been working without a glitch. Should anything else happen now... well, I would be out of options! But I am hoping everything will be OK.

                  Oh, one other thing. I have a VNC server running on my PC at home and a VNC client on my iPhone. This way I can remote connect into my PC at home and run diagnostics, configurations, etc, if I ever run into problems. I suggest you do the same - it will come in really handy if you're not at home and ever need to rerun any configuration wizards. Remember, your ISP provides DHCP connections, not static ones, so there is a possibility that your Slingbox's IP address may change, which means you'll have to rerun the Internet Viewing wizard and open up the port for the new IP address in your port forwarding configuration of your router.


                  Happy Slinging everyone

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                  I M ALSO  suffering from this problem buddy whats the main reason about  this behind this.


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