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      • Re: Wy is the screen black and white instead of color?
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        Hello beverlyjaques, This is an excellent question. I believe I may have a resolution for you. However, I would need a bit more information to determine the root cause of the issue. First, what type of connection cables are you using? Are you using the red, white, and yellow cables also referred to as "Composite"? Or are you using the red, blue, and green cables also known as "Component"? If you are using "Coax" which is the type of cable that comes directly out of your wall, make sure the cable is tightly secured to the back of the Slingbox. Make sure all cables are secure and that the colors that correspond with eachother are lined up properly. If the issue is still not resolved after that, you may possibly want to try a different cable or input. If you could, please respond with your specific setup so we can help you out further. I hope this helps!





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        • Re: Wy is the screen black and white instead of color?
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          The normal reason for this is using a cheap S-Video cable to connect device and Slingbox.   If you are using the S-Video port try a different cable.